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"Supreme" Shower Head Reviews

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This is refreshing. Not just the showerhead, but the idea that a company actually delivers on what it claims. I just received my Supreme showerhead and I am amazed at the pressure, even with the water saver unit still in it.
Just want to say thanks.

Lew S.

I’m absolutely thrilled with my new Supreme showerhead. I replaced the old showerhead and installed the Supreme and wow what a difference. My wife and I now love taking a shower. We are considering ordering one or two more for our guest bathrooms.

Bob S.

I wanted to tell you that you saved our recent bathroom remodel. We have a beautiful bathroom, but they had replaced our shower valve and it left us with a shower that barely even sprayed enough water to get my hair wet. We were told that the pressure was due to the flow valve that had to have flow restrictors and that we would have to live with it, as all flow valves had the same restrictions. It was horrible. After extensive research, my husband ordered your Supreme showerhead. It was very easy to install and I am happy to report the pressure is awesome. I have long hair and it washes and rinses easily and completely now. We had our regular plumber look at it, and he was also very impressed. Thanks again for saving our remodel.

Brent and Anna S.

I used to buy a showerhead every three to six months because I was never happy with the performance. This is our second Supreme showerhead we have purchased from and we could never be happier. The spray pattern and pressure are awesome and the quality is superior to all others we have owned. We will never shop anywhere else. I highly recommend the Supreme to anyone who is looking for a good looking, quality showerhead that functions as advertised.

Thank you.
Bill & Robyn A.

We bought your “Supreme” showerhead a week ago and like it so much we just ordered a second one for our other shower. We have very low water pressure and have struggled to find a showerhead that would provide us with enough pressure. THIS ONE DOES! We did NOT need to remove the flow restrictor as this showerhead provides plenty of pressure with it in… we wouldn’t want any more pressure than what we have now. Thank you for a great product.

Jeff & Wendy J.

I just got the Supreme and was blown away (pun intended!) by how amazing it is! Seriously, it’s the most perfect pressure I’ve ever experienced in a shower before. I get a lot of aches and it massages my body without it being painful at all! No needles hitting my skin, not too hard, but just right. I am always seeking a mix of good pressure without it being too hard, and the Supreme is it! I get out of the shower feeling invigorated and happy. Perfection.

Thank you so much for such a great product.

Deena B.

After dealing with terrible water pressure in our place for two years, I came across your site. Although my initial thoughts were ‘how could a showerhead really change things? And why would this showerhead be any different?’ I gave it a go. The Supreme was my choice, and let me tell you we could not be more pleased. I swapped out the old head, installed the Supreme, jumped in the shower and literally was screaming the whole time – ‘woo hoo!! I can’t believe we have a proper shower!!’ The difference is amazing. Night and Day. The stream is steady and powerful. I am taking twice as many showers now. Thank you!!!

Josh H.

I had recently picked up two heads at the hardware store to replace some old showerheads. The flow was very weak and unsatisfying, so I went to the net to search out a high pressure head. I found your site, ordered the Supreme to give it a test run. I love it and have ordered another. The difference is amazing. Thank you!!

Larry J.

The word “Thrilled”, might be an understatement. First of all, the quick shipment was great! … Your instructions were easy to understand, & didn’t have any problems… Even though I had Teflon tape, that is very generous for you to include it for those who don’t. We’ve lived here more than 11 years, & I got to have the best shower I’ve had in that time. I highly recommend the “Supreme” showerhead, for anyone wanintg 36 streams of high pressure water hitting them. It’s well worth every penny. Keep up the good work!

Verdayne M.

I purchased the Supreme showerhead and was pleasantly surprised that it is “as advertised.”It provides awesome pressure and it’s ten times better than my old showerhead. I plan to order a 2nd one for my daughter’s bathroom. This should quiet the complaints about low water pressure and the amount of time it takes to rinse their hair.

Thanks again,
Rick F.

I belong to an athletic club that has the absolute best showers in the world – so much so if the club would change the heads to something less powerful I would seriously consider quitting… Since I don’t shower at the club everyday, I shower at home and have been looking for a showerhead that would somewhat match the clubs’. All the name brands talk the game but not one of them has met my demands. Quite a few dollars have flown out of my wallet. I visited your site and read your tests and decided to give you a try. I purchased the Supreme and have been extremely pleased. Your words match your deeds. Great showerhead. Sao much so I am going to buy the Large Ultimate for my second shower – I want to try something that can be adjusted. Great job folks – I am telling all my friends.

Peter R.


"Moda" Shower Head Reviews

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We recently ordered two of your showerheads. We had been suffering for years from what I thought was weak water pressure. Instead, it was actually the showerhead that was the problem. My wife told me after her first shower that it was a 150% improvement over what we had. We just love your new “Moda” design head so we are ordering another. We are also pleased with the quality of the showerhead. It is real metal vs. the chrome plated plastic. I believe you now when you say that the force of the water is all about the showerhead. Thanks so much and we will gladly recommend your products to others.

Kind regards,
Russ F.

I bought a Moda showerhead last week and like it a lot, so I chose to reorder a “Perfect” showerhead this time around. I am very happy with the showerhead I purchased and it made a significant difference compared to what I originally had.

Raghu R.

"Ultimate" Shower Head Reviews

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Thank you. Yesterday we received our “Ulitmate” showerhead, item #A0130. And yes, it does perform as advertised. After replacing our tub unit, the showerhead included with the fixture was a joke. I can almost sweat more than comes from that showerhead. We have little luxuries in our life but a good shower is one of our vices. Thanks to you we can enjoy that again. Again, thank you for your very courteous and prompt service. We would gladly recommend your products to anyone in search of a decent showerhead.

James & Sheila S.

So I have a wife with really beautiful, long, blonde hair … extremely thick and a lot of work to wash and style. She needs to be able to have a lot of pressure to shampoo and rinse her hair. I have been shopping around for showerheads as the typical places to look … Nothing worked, didn’t seem to matter how much I spent. All the fancy rain types and variable speed nozzles were just not strong enough to help get the pressure we needed in the shower.

I figure its time to go online and investigate High Pressure shower heads. I purchased your Ultimate Shower Head and it is by far the best, most incredible spray ever. It takes half the time to shower and my wife absolutely loves it.

I plan to buy one for every shower in the house and maybe some for gifts

Thanks for the great product!


Previous to ordering and installing the Ultimate showerhead I ordered and installed three other brands, ranging from $60.00 to $30.00. All asserted they could overcome low pressure. The only one to come close mixed air via spinning vanes. While it was somewhat more powerful, it was noisy and lacked force beyond about three feet from the showerhead face. After installation, the pressure was absolutely what was advertised. Really great product.

Dennis R.

I live in a rural community and have low water pressure, 40 lbs of pressure coming in the house. The “Ultimate” Showerhead #A0130 solved the problem. The pressure is now great with closely spaced streams of water with no “dead” spots within the spray. This showerhead solved my problem after complaints to the water company.

I can take a good shower tonight.

Mick C.

I just built a new home. The water pressure coming into the home is 100 psi so I put in a pressure reducing regulator to drop pressure to 65psi. The original showerheads were very poor. They were a very well known name brand showerhead. The new owners were not pleased with the pressure even at 65 psi or greater as we tried pressures all the way up to the 100 psi max. I searched the net for information and discovered that the new showerheads were designed to give a very low flow in order to conserve water. They did that task a bit too well.

I saw the High Pressure Shower Heads site and decided to take a chance. That was a smart move, as the Ultimate Shower Head has made the homeowners very satisfied. I am installing the Ultimate Shower Head on all the other showers. I highly recommend them. They truly do perform as advertised.

David P.

I bought the Ultimate for a friend who moved into a new home and was experiencing VERY low water pressure. She was using the sink sprayer to wash her hair due to the poor pressure. I … found your site. My order was placed on Tuesday and I received the Ultimate on Friday. I installed the head in my shower to see how it corrected my pressure and it was fabulous. I gave it to my friend and she loves it. No more sink spray. I am ordering one of your products for myself this evening. I’m glad I found you. I have a showerhead from a competitor and was very happy with it until the Ultimate was tested.



"Large Ultimate" Shower Head Reviews

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I purchased a 2-bed/2-bath condo in a ndw, modern “green” building in spring 2009. From the start, there have been problems with our European-manufactured water tanks and the water pressure. Recently, with repairs and upgrades, our building manager has advised the residents that the condo building’s water tank & system-related problems have finally been resolved.

Yet taking a shower has continued to be a long and tedious endeavor. The water pressure was still pathetic and I continued to feel frustrated. I figured it was worth an experiment to see if the source of the continued poor water pressure might be my builder-installed showerhead. So I ordered your “Large Ultimate” high-pressure showerhead, after carefully researching other companies’ products and scrutinizing your test pictures (by the way, your test pictures were the key selling point for me).

Turns out, my previous showerhead was indeed a cheap piece of junk, at least compared to your “Large Ultimate” high-pressure showerhead.

WOW!! What an AMAZING difference! I can’t believe how much better (stronger) the water pressure and my shower experience is now!! I’m kicking myself for suffering with the old showerhead for the last two years. I wish that I’d been smart enough to ourder your product sooner.

I’ve taken one shower now after installing my new “Large Ultimate” high-pressure showerhead and I was so excited and satisfied with the improvement, that as soon as I got dressed, I immediately ordered another one for my guest bathroom shower.

My neighbors have also complained about their showers and the poor/low pressure. I’m definitely going to recommend your product!

Thank you!
Kim M.

I built my house 10 years ago and I have always had very low water pressure and water flow in all of my showers. I suspected the problem was due to low pressure from the local municipality. Recently, I researched the internet for a high pressure showerhead and came across your website, I read some great reviews on your products so I decided to try the “Large Ultimate” showerhead. I ordered and installed the Brushed Nickel “Large Ultimate” showerhead and I am absolutely AMAZED at the water pressure and the volume of water coming out of my shower. This product is so great and so amazing, I am going to order another showerhead for the guest bathroom.

Thank you for a GREAT product!
Mark S.

We currently live in a retirement condo development, which contains a private water system. Our water pressure has been low and we feel the affects more-so living at the top of a hill.

Many people have been expressing the same low water pressure issue at our association meeting but to no results. Last week after it seemed that the showerhead water was almost trickling out, I started to do some research out on the internet and came across your site.

I ordered the Large Ultimate out of desperation, Wow!!! I can’t even begin to tell you the difference this showerhead has made. I am now ordering a second one and have shared your website with our neighbors.

Thank you so much for a very fine product.
Joe C.


"Veloce" Shower Head Reviews

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I installed the Veloce showerhead last night. It is fantastic! My wife and I both really like it. Great pressure, with a wider than usual water pattern for a high pressure showerhead. Keep up the good work!

Steve A.

I’m writing to tell you how satisfied I am with your new Veloce showerhead. I have tried multiple showerheads to provide the pressure we need in our upstairs bathroom, all of them far more expensive than yours and from nationally recognized companies … The Veloce is everything you claim and more. In fact, I like your product so much, I’ve just ordered another for our downstairs guest bathroom.

People usually only write with a complaint and I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate your product. It’s fantastic.

Rick H.

I just got my new brushed nickel Veloce showerhead and NOW my bathroom remodel is complete! I have to admit, it was disappointing to have spent ~$14,000 on a complete remodel of our master bath, and find out that my lovely … showerhead provided more of a mist than an invigorating shower. In fact, I found I preferred showering at my gym!

Thank goodness I had ignored my contractor and installed a High Pressure Premium Massage hand held shower that didn’t match the angular look of my … hardware, but provided a satisfying spray. I went back to your website, and saw the newly added Veloce showerhead in chrome, but had to wait for it to become available in brushed nickel. I think I may have been the first to purchase one, as I checked back every day, and bought one the first day I saw it listed.

Feel free to use my comments above (without my last name) if you decide to include customer reviews in the future.

Kathy L.


5.5" Rain Shower Head Reviews

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I recently purchased the 5.5” Rain showerhead and I received it today (Friday 18th March). It was very well packaged and came with plenty on instructions, make sure you read them first.

I installed it with no problems … and WOW!! … If Hemi made a showerhead this would be in. Fantastic flow rate absolutely drenches you with water, really invigorating. Don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago.

Best Regards,
Robert P.

I just installed the Chrome 5.5” “Rain” showerhead and quite frankly, I am AMAZED at the difference, compared to the “luxury” rainfall showerhead I bought tow weeks ago and one of the “big box” home improvement stores… I instantly realized there is no comparison, as far as the tremendous boost in water pressure with your product. Yes, t he showerhead I bought as the nearby store was 20-bucks cheaper. But the pressure boost in your product is so phenomenal, I would have paid even more. I plan to get a refund tomorrow at the “big box” store.

I have lived in apartments my entire adult life. For the past 30 years, I have been searching with no success for a showerhead like this one. I grew up with 7 brothers and sisters in a small Southern town, in an old house that had the strongest water pressure possible. As adults, we’ve all joked about how much we miss that. I can’t wait to tell all of them about your website and its products.

If any potential customer is undecided about giving this showerhead a try, believe me, you will be absolutely thrilled…

Robert B.

I am writing regarding my recent purchase of your “Rain” showerhead… I recently purchased a small condo and was lucky enough that it came with high quality plumbing fixtures and significantly above average water pressure. I imagine that it once had an equally high quality showerhead, but either the former owned saw fit to keep it for himself, or one of his tenants absconded with it and left an absolute piece of garbage in its place.

Showers have been an unfortunate and lackluster ordeal for the past several months. While doing some research to remedy my predicament, I happened upon your website – and I believe the rest of the story tells itself. I will close with a few points that I found particularly outstanding:

- The included instructions were very thoughtful. I was pleased to see detailed notes…

- Similarly, it was very thoughtful of you to include a roll of Teflon tape in the package. I am often saddened by the degrading state of customer service in many industries today, and this kind of attention to detail and care for the customers’ experience is a true differentiator…

- The performance of the product itself is absolutely awe-inspiring. I was initially concerned that the stream was too straight, and that I would be better served by one of your “Ultimate” showerheads that offer more conical sprays. But anything that the “Rain” lacks in coverage area, it more than makes up for in its impressive pressure and raw volume of water. I want to leave no doubts that everything that needs to get wet does, as well as several things that don’t if the curtain is not properly secured…

With my best possible regards,
Luke M.

I would like to commend you for your prompt service, excellent product, and attention to detail. I ordered the 5 ½ inch Rain showerhead because we have such poor water pressure it was difficult to get all the soap rinsed off in the shower. For this reason, we had previously installed a hand-held sprayer along with a traditional showerhead.

We promptly received the Rain showerhead we ordered and we can’t believe this is really our shower! The pressure is absolutely wonderful. I ordered it on the weekend and received it on Wednesday, which was very quick. It was well packed, included a thank you note, full installation instructions,… return instructions if there had been a problem AND even included a roll of Teflon tape for the installation. I could not have asked for more.

We highly recommend this company and the products they sell, as well as their prompt service.

Steven R.

Yes! You can still buy a really GREAT showerhead but you’ll never find it in one of the big box stores.

I found what I’ve been looking for at in the 5.5” Rain Showerhead. Wow… this showerhead delivers a remarkable water-soaking flow AND high pressure so I could indulge in the BEST SHOWER I’VE HAD IN 20+ YEARS. The “Rain” Shower costs less than the xxxxx “brand name showerheads” sold in the box stores made from cheesy plastic.

The Rain Showerhead is a large diameter (in comparison to most) that delivers a stimulating flow of water across your body and the high pressure combines to provide a wonderful massage. Unlike most “Rain” showerheads, this one can be mounted directly on the shower arm because of the high water flow/high pressure delivery, so installing takes but a few seconds of time.

Not only does this showerhead deliver a feel good experience, but it makes it easy to wash and thoroughly rinse your body of soap and your hair of shampoo. The showerhead feels rock solid and the solid brass spray fittings deliver an even flow of water that you can’t get form the cheaper “dimple” showerheads.

Finally, I want to comment on my buying experience. Upon ordering the showerhead, I received an email with the order/shipping information … just 3 days later the showerhead was delivered to my door in a USPS Priority mail box with the showerhead packaged inside in another box with complete instructions for installation … and guidance to ensure the head is not damaged during installation. All this made for a superlative buying experience. In summary, I am pleased to recommend the “Rain” Showerhead because it delivers high flow/high pressure, it is a high quality product, it is sold for a very good price (delivers high value), and the customer service folks at provide exceptional service. It doesn’t get any better … well yes it does … I’m ordering additional showerheads for the other showers in our home… thank you!

Brent R.


"Perfect" Shower Head Reviews

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I remember the days from college, where I lived in apartment complex with excellent pressure and showerheads. The experience was similar to standing outside when it was pouring rain. For years now, since I’ve moved away, I have never been able to get that great shower experience again. I was finally fed up with the weak spray of my current showerhead. I decided to search for a new one. I found your site with a google search and ordered “the Perfect” showerhead. Unbelievable … feeling … This is the first time since college, I’ve had a great spray and water pressure. The Perfect showerhead provides that same great experience of standing outside in the pouring rain.

Michael T.

I purchased the “Perfect” showerhead last week … With the “Perfect” showerhead, it is ALWAYS perfect pressure. I loved it so much my daughter tried it out and requested I put the same in her shower. She has long hair and wasn’t getting the pressure needed from her showerhead to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Mine she loved. Thank you!

Ginny B.

I recently moved into my house that I’ve been working on since the summer of 2010. Water pressure in the house appeared fine until I took my first shower. Water went everywhere! The next day I ran to the hardware store for a new showerhead. Thinking the new showerhead (about $20) would be more accurately aimed and more pressure, I was wrong. As I stood in the center of it, I was barely getting wet because the diameter of the spray was so large… a few days later, I … came across your site. With reasonably priced showerheads, I decided to take the chance. My purchase was “The Perfect.” Well, let me be the first to say it was perfect in every way. It sprays from the full diameter of the head, much higher pressure than I had before, and best of all it was affordable. I like it so much I will be purchasing a second “The Perfect” for my downstairs shower that no one even uses. Thanks again for making such a great product.

Jarred F.

I am so glad I made this purchase! “The Perfect” showerhead came in the mail right away and install was less than two minutes. The water flow was visibly perfect and did not lose shape all the way down to the tub area.

I did not remove the restrictor and the pressure is enough to rinse away the soap without any help from my hands. So glad to just get in the shower and close my eyes and have a nice shower, no need to adjust or fiddle with the showerhead. Nice name, btw, it is perfect! Thanks HPS.

Angel R.

After four months of suffering with the low flow showerhead in my apartment building management switched us to, I just took the best shower!

I ordered the “Perfect” and boy was it ever. I went from spending about 15 minutes trying to rinse the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair to a 5 minute high pressure experience. Amazing!!!!

Thank you for giving me my invigorating morning shower back! No more low flow torture for me!

Sharon G.

I just took my first shower after installing my newly-purchased Perfect showerhead. What a pleasure to have a “real” shower again after years of low-flow showerhead that, combined with the already low water pressure in our building, allowed only a trickle of water through. Your excellent installation instructions allowed this 60-plus-year-old non-plumber to adapt and install the showerhead easily. I wish I’d found your wonderful product years ago!

Elma J.

Recently we ordered the “Perfect” showerhead from your company. It is perfect!! After our showerhead broke, we installed several different store bought showerheads. Each one was a disappointment. My husband found your website and after looking over the different ones featured, we were hopeful that we would find one we liked…Unlike the soft, wide sprays of the other showerheads, this one really did the job. The spray was not too hard, not too soft, just perfect. The stream was great and did not scatter all over either. Thank you for testing and rating the showerheads – that made it so much easier to decide what to order. The price was right too! Today I ordered a second “Perfect” showerhead so that if we ever move, I know we will still have a great shower!

James & Judy K.

I bought a Moda showerhead last week and liked it a lot, so chose to reorder a “Perfect” showerhead this time around... I am very happy with the showerhead I purchased and it made a significant difference compared to what I originally had…

Raghu R.


"Premium Massage"
Shower Head Reviews

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I like our Premium Massage Hand-Held so much that we’re ordering another one. Hand-held has excellent pressure.

Sharon B.

After searching the Internet for a hand-held showerhead, we were pleased to find your site. Your company’s testing of these showerheads is what gave us the confidence to order. We received and installed it yesterday and took our first shower this morning. We were very pleased with the performance. It’s the best shower we’ve taken in weeks, since we’ve been remodeling our bathrooms. The pressure was good… and the various water patterns were great. We also really liked the look, very clean lines that worked well with our new bathroom fixtures. Overall, it’s a terrific value, especially for the very reasonable price. We are very satisfied customers and will be ordering a second showerhead for our upstairs bathroom today.

Susan & Michael T.

We just purchased our 2nd hand held showerhead for our 2nd bathroom from you today, since we liked our first one so much. … I was really surprised at how powerful your new showerhead turned out to be and delighted that it doesn’t take nearly as long to wash and rinse my hair now.

Shirley M.

Just got the “Premium Massage Hand-held” … Installed it with no tools and no problems. I don’t have good water pressure in my bathroom. This showerhead makes it feel like the pressure is much more. Best of the handhelds I’ve ever used. I’d recommend it to anyone and would buy it again. Thank you!

Youngkyu K.

Best showerhead I’ve ever used! I was so disappointed with my last showerhead, which I purchased for a pretty penny from a big box store. From the beginning, it had sketchy water pressure that only got weaker over time; on it’s best day, it couldn’t come close to competing with the unit I purchased from your company. Wow! Was the first word out of my mouth after turning on the new showerhead. It’s perfect!



"Bristol" Hand-Held
Shower Head Reviews

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Just purchased the Bristol for my beach house that does not have the best water pressure. I have purchased 11 other showerheads trying to get the pressure I have at home, but no such luck UNTIL NOW! This showerhead is fantastic! Great pressure! I will be telling everyone I know about your showerheads. I would give the Bristol 5 stars +++. If you add customer reviews to your website, feel free to use this one.

Bea R.


"Ventana" Hand-Held
Shower Head Reviews

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Great showerhead. The old head we had was corroded and no pressure at all. Yours works very good. Ordering another now, thanks.

Keith W.

Wow, doubter turned believer. Good News/Bad News Story: Bad News – Can’t get wife out of shower. Good News – Enough pressure now to power both our showerheads… Keep up the good work – more power to the shower!

Gary T.


Multiple Models
Shower Head Reviews

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Good morning,
Please accept the following comments … you have my permission to use these comments in whole are part anywhere.

In September 2011 having grown despondent over the lack of water pressure in my new apartment, I went seeking a solution in the form of a better showerhead. Having shopped all the local purveyors and seeing only junk, I decided to go online… to my delight, my search brought me to I read the presentation and immediately ordered the “large ultimate” … to say I am delighted is an understatement. The “large ultimate” reached me in a few short days, was beautifully packaged and the unit itself is indeed a beauty… the machining, chrome finish, and mechanical functions are a delight. It is so rare to find such excellence in manufacturing these days. Operationally, the unit is beyond my expectations… it took what was a pitiful dribble of a shower to a high pressure delight… performance is awesome.

This is an item I would have expected to cost two to three times more than it does. Tomorrow I am going to order a “showerhead diverter valve” and the “preminum massage hand held.” I am going to rig this up next to the “large ultimate” and go wild …

Scott D.

Three weeks ago, I bought a “Supreme” showerhead for my guest bathroom, since I was tired of trying to get one of the old heads to work. I liked it so much that I’ve now ordered a “Sigma” showerhead for my master bathroom and am looking forward to having it!

Jim B.

Just bought our second showerhead from you folks. It’s amazing. I thought we were doomed to a life of lackluster showers in our new home because we have well water, quite a change from having just moved here from the city. But you guys saved us! Your Ultimate showerhead has great pressure and we’re back in business again. For our second one, we went with a full size head that I’m sure will be just as powerful. Thanks again. You’re the greatest!

John S.

Have been a HighPressureShowerhead user for years. I had been looking for a good powerful showerhead for a long time. I tried many from the big box DIY stores. Okay but just not satisfying. Then I found the Ultimate showerhead. It is a super powerful showerhead… a really refreshing shower. But I wanted a little bigger spray and ordered the “Supreme.” Outstanding quality. And the shower was maybe a little less ‘pounding’ as the more concentrated Ultimate. My wife and I used it for years. The easy clean nozzles never clogged even in our hard water. After 6 years, it is as good looking as it was when I first installed it.

But we just returned from a Hawaii vacation where the hotel had a rain showerhead. My wife said she liked the idea of one at our home. So I ordered the “5.5’ Rain” Showerhead … from HighPressureShowerhead. Fast shipping…. Easy installation with the included Teflon tape. Just hand screwed it on. No leaks. Looks very ‘high end.’ I then enjoyed a luxurious relaxing shower with just the right amount of power. The huge 5.5” spread was just perfect and the individual streams did not appear to disintegrate into a mass of water flow. And my wife LOVES the soft feel of the rain shower. We immediately ordered another for the guest bathroom!

Richard D.


Dear Sirs:

I purchased the Supreme showerhead from you several years ago and I just wanted to tell you that it’s the greatest product to come to market since the Model T. It is “supreme” in every respect with a high pressure spray to compete with the xxxxxxx that Kramer bought from the trunk of a car in an alley way. I just bought a 2nd one in the remote happenstance that it no longer becomes available. Thank you for a truly fine product.

Don B.

Hands down, this company and their products are far more superior than anything I have found locally. I recently purchased the Supreme showerhead and the Ventana hand held showerhead and couldn’t be more pleased. The pressure in both these units is unmatched… Installation on these two units is simple… and I would definitely recommend these products to all my friends and family. I wasn’t going to give my guest bathrooms the luxury of these but I see another purchase in the near future.

Thanks again and consider this one happy customer!
Andrew T.


No Model Specified
Shower Head Reviews

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I am not one to take long showers, just in and out. I have also been in all different shower heads that I liked, from 10” to 2.” This is by far the best showerhead I have ever been under. The first time I used it, I ran out of hot water because I stayed in so long. I will be giving this shower head out for Christmas and birthday presents – till all my family and friends have one. It’s awesome. Thank you.

Randy W.

I’ve been complaining about the water pressure and the poor performance of the existing showerhead. When I checked the pressure and it was okay, I tried a new showerhead from the local hardware store and things were not any better. I did a search online and bought one of yours and I just do not believe the difference, it’s amazing. Thanks again!

Bill B.

Very nice showerhead. Good pressure. Going to try a second one.

Kris K.

I ordered two high pressure showerheads in August. It was the only showerhead that works on our hard water. I am so happy with your showerheads. I would like to reorder very soon. Thank you very much.

Suki D.

After ordering our first high pressure showerhead, we were absolutely sold! For years, we have been unhappy with our showerheads because of their low pressure. After the first shower with our new high pressure showerhead, we knew what a fantastic shower felt like! We knew we had to order another one for our other shower!

Mary K.

To whom it may concern:

After searching the Internet for a hand-held showerhead, we were pleased to find your site. Your company’s testing of these showerheads is what gave us the confidence to order. We received and installed it yesterday, and took our first shower this morning. We were very pleased with the performance. It’s the best shower we’ve taken in weeks, since we’ve been remodeling our bathrooms. The pressure was good… and the various water patterns were great. We also really liked the look, very clean lines that worked well with our new bathroom fixtures. Overall, it’s a terrific value, especially for the very reasonable price. We are very satisfied customers and will be ordering a second showerhead for our upstairs bathroom today.

Susan & Michael T.

I am very glad to find a source to buy high pressure showerheads. Don’t ever go out of business or stop selling these! I am using the first one from you at my NY home, after the old one (plastic) broke after about 20 years. I had bought a showerhead … to replace it, but was totally disappointed/dissatisfied… and sent it back.

I just ordered another one from you to take to my vacation/retirement home in Columbus, GA. It has 2 bathrooms with showers, and both of them have old, very poor pressure showerheads … [those] will be thrown out in the garbage as soon as I get the new one that I just ordered from your website to replace it.

I am very particular about wanting strong shower pressure, and don’t like those newer models that give a fine rainshower type spray.

Peggy B.


I have never written a note like this but as soon as I put the showerhead on I couldn’t wait to write you. I packed up the box and return slips and threw them away. You can’t buy a showerhead at [a big box store] like this. No longer do I have to travel to take a shower in a hotel that cleans me. I look forward to taking a shower at home.

From me and my family, I would like to say thank you, this showerhead makes a difference and I truly appreciate it. This is great! BUY IT!!!!!!

David E.

I have found this shower head to be the best; and have searched far and wide. Hotel testing done from xxxxx to xxxx.

John N.

I am extremely pleased with the recent purchase of a showerhead from your company. Owning an older home, I had resigned myself to the fact that I’d have to live with poor water pressure and dribbling showers. What a mistake. Seeing how reasonably priced your products were, I took the chance and the difference is like night and day. I actually leave the shower feeling clean and energized, not soapy and annoyed.

Thanks for the research your put into your product and your detailed website. It made selecting the proper showerhead an informed decision – one I am very, very pleased to have made.

Kevin G.

We have lots of minerals in our water, which causes clogging and staining on occasion. After several years we decided to replace the showerhead for a nicer appearance and better pressure. After using the new head, we decided immediately to replace the other showerhead in the house with the same model. The look is modern and the pressure and coverage are a great improvement from what we were using.

Stan G.


Finally!!! A reason to get up in the morning!

Our home is served by a well as we live in a rural area. Our pressure tank is properly set, or so the plumber says. I installed the new showerhead wondering if it would really do the job, in spite of what was said on your website. WOW! Did it ever. My sincere thanks for the new showerhead. We are enjoying it immensely.

Steve B.

Thank you. Just received my new showerhead. It is quite hefty and feels of quality material. Installed it easily. It was nice that you included a full roll of teflon tape. I recently had to have my Pressure Reducing Valve replaced at the water meter as the water pressure in my house was close to 100 psi. We then noticed a drop to about 68 psi in the house and the upstairs shower seemed a bit weak. After several attempts to get a better showerhead, I came upon your website. I thought I would give it a try.

When I received it, I was shocked at how small it was. My wife actually commented on why I would buy such a small showerhead. I read the dimensions on your web site but didn’t realize how small 2.95” really was… After I installed the new showerhead, my daughter took a shower. AMAZING. She actually took half the time of her regular shower and said she never felt cleaner. It just pounded to the pores… It is nice to know someone takes things like this seriously and acts on it. Thank you for your research and making available a product of great quality.

Tom J.

After receiving my new showerhead, I couldn’t believe what I was missing in pressure. So I ordered another for our second bath. Thanks again!

Ronald M.

This is our second order. I just received the first showerhead and we are very pleased with it. We are purchasing another one for our second shower. If I receive $5 back, that will be a bonus, otherwise just having the same showerhead in both bathrooms is going to be very nice.

George M.

I received my new showerhead today. I love it!! I have been trying new showerheads from [a big box store] for years and have never hound one that works as good as this one. The pressure is unbelievable. I live in the country and have a well, I thought that was why my pressure was so bad but I was wrong. I wish I found your site years ago!! Thank you so much. I’m going to order another one for my upstairs bathroom.

Nancy G.

I really love the showerhead I purchased from you recently. It does an amazing job increasing the water pressure so I’m very satisfied with the purchase. Now I do want to order another one just like it for my guest bathroom.

J …

Thanks very much,


We have been experiencing decreased pressure in 2 of our showers over the last few years. I have cleaned out the filters, removed the filters and disassembled each showerhead, cleaned and put back together. Still low pressure in the showerhead. I then installed 2 of the heads from We could not be more pleased. When the shower is turned on, there is a rush of air being forced out of the shower by the force of water from the head. I highly recommend these products for low pressure issues.

A Happy Customer,
David B.

I love my new showerhead… This is an awesome faucet that really does have plenty of water pressure to rinse shampoo out of long hair. I have purchased a lot of showerheads that claim to be high pressure and are not! I was very skeptical, but liked the money-back guarantee if not liked! Received the faucet super fast via USPS. Would highly recommend this product to anyone.

Sally V.


Details on Customer Reviews

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- Reviews are not sorted by finish since performance does not vary by finish, only by model.

- Please note the Supremes and Modas (and now Forzas) are identical internally and all have the same performance but differ only in appearance. The higher quantity of Supreme reviews simply reflects we've sold Supremes for much longer than Modas.

- We've added several models recently and will post reviews for those in the near future (Forza, Pike, Aegis, Metro, Solei, etc)

- These are only a small fraction of our glowing reviews from our customers. To start with, these are all reviews where the customer has given us explicit approval to use their comments, and these represent a fairly small portion of those. We plan to post many more in the near future as time allows.

- Most of these reviews are from customers that have placed more than one order. We offer repeat customers a $5 credit on second orders placed within 90 days of their first order if they provide a testimonial along with explicit approval for our use (always limited to only first name and last initial, but still we only post with explicit approval.)

- Our typical customer comes to us after having had one or more bad experiences with shower heads from their local big-box hardware stores. (We assume that few folks just spontaneously say "Hey, I think I'll search online for a shower head and see if anything looks interesting") Instead, many have had a growing dissatisfaction with their current shower head, and, after several failed local attempts to solve their pressure problem, they come to us. By far the most common comment we get is something like "I only thought I had a water pressure problem, but actually I just had a lousy shower head". Along those lines, many customers know already that they have very serious supply pressure problems, such as supply pressures of 20-40 psi. For those customers we try to manage expectations, and we frequently tell them that just getting up to "decent" pressure can be a huge improvement. Many of our reviews are from folks that are thrilled to have finally solved their problem, whether is was overcoming chronically poor supply pressure, or just replacing a really lousy shower head.


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"So which shower head should I buy?" (We're asked this all the time!)

It's really a matter of personal preference. Are you looking for the most pressure you can find in a standard-sized shower head? Then the Supreme / Moda / Forza series is the answer (they're the same internally). Are you looking for an incredible massage mode? Our new "Metro" is superb. Looking for an adjustable spray? Then check out the "Ultimate" and the "Large Ultimate". Looking for a "Rain" shower head? Our "Sigma" has the best pressure we've ever found in a rain shower head. Prefer to save a few bucks and still have great pressure? Then the "Veloce" and "Perfect" are perfect for you. Looking for a hand-held shower head? We have what you're looking for:

Wall-Mount Shower Heads
Pressure Rating
Supreme / Moda / Forza
6" Sigma
5.5" Rain
Large Ultimate
9" Ultra
94.1 / 94.3
std / massage
8" Luna
6" Torus
93.0 / 98.1
std / massage
4" Rain

Hand-Held Shower Heads
(Ranked by standard spray rating)
Pressure Rating
Premium Massage Hand-Held
93.6 / 93.8
std / massage
Aegis Hydromassage
93.5 / 98.2
std / massage
93.2 / 93.5
std / massage
93.2 / 93.5
std / massage
92.8 / 96.4
std / massage
Hand-Held Shower Heads

(Ranked by massage rating)
Pressure Rating
Aegis Hydromassage
93.5 / 98.2
std / massage
92.8 / 96.4
std / massage
Premium Massage Hand-Held
93.6 / 93.8
std / massage
93.2 / 93.5
std / massage
93.2 / 93.5
std / massage


By comparison, most typical shower heads score between 50 and 70, and some as low as 35.

The key is that each of our shower heads is at the very top of the range of what's currently available (and we've tested dozens!)
. So order yours today!


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